Contents Tip of the Week

When I describe Calgary Contents, I like to compare it to a fine automobile. Some type of luxury vehicle that propels you from zero to the upper class in seconds. Imagine for a moment the feeling when your "check engine" light comes on one morning. Your quandary now is, do I take my car in to Canadian Tire or perhaps the corner lube shop? Or do I take it to an authorized dealer with certified staff who have prompt service, whose credentials far surpass those of industry norms. The choice seems very simple to me, I would always go to the professionals. 

We at Calgary Contents are a devoted service provider for Contractors. Through on-time performance, customer service and a pride of workmanship, it is our goal to produce the utmost quality for our business partners as well as the general public. We focus on the retrieval, restoration and returning of contents by applying a sense of compassion to each unique job we encounter, and from this, our work becomes much more than just the restoration of material possessions.

What We Do

*Pack out and pack back services
*Content manipulations
*Full photographic inventory
*Assessment of salvageable contents
*Document restoration
*Photographic restoration
*Textile processing
*Freeze drying
*Hydroxyl & Hydrogen Peroxide technologies
*Ultrasonic / Omegasonic cleaning
*Electronics cleaning
*Trauma scene cleanup
*Storage of contents in a climate controlled and secure environment
*Ease and total accessibility to your contents while being stored in our facility

Contents restoration is the fastest growing branch of disaster restoration, your choice should not be judged on price, but rather on knowledge, reputation, industry standards and ability. At Calgary Contents all the staff are well trained professionals working for a common goal, consistent cleaning quality in a timely and informative manner. Our standards surpass our competition, with cutting edge technology and processes we are the only real choice in contents restoration. In a lot of ways we are that direct dealership, not the garage that you had been considering.

With that being said, my content tip of the week is a shameless plug for Calgary Contents, but like all of my other weekly tips, this one too will save you time and money.


Calgary Contents