Contents Tip of the Winter

The winter air in our home tends to make healthy people a tad bit unhealthier. Stale air containing germs that only multiply over time are the number one contributors to bad air quality. This air can lead to itchy skin, sore throats, colds, sinus infections and more. Here are a few tips that can refresh your home, improve your over all air quality, and substantially increase your cold weather health for you and your home.

* Use a vacuum with a HEPA filter, this will decrease the amount of dust you put back into the environment.

* Use hypoallergenic mattress covers, these covers greatly decrease the amount of viruses and bacteria reaching your respiratory system at night. Increase the amount of times you change your bedding. As well be proactive with laundry.

* Use the fans placed in your home, bathroom and range exhaust fans promote air changes and remove unwanted bacteria's within your home. Moisture in your home after a
shower or preparing a large meal will lead to condensation and perhaps some unwanted guests, like mold.

* Clean and dust more often, use cleaning products that are more environmentally friendly. 

* Plants are natures air purifiers, Aloe Vera plants not only look great but are proven to absorb odors from chemicals.

My personal favourite, cut a lemon in half. One part goes into the fridge for a cheap and effective air freshener. Squeeze the other half into a air diffuser, no need to worry about a little pulp. Top up with water and enjoy as your whole home starts to smell like spring.



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