Contents Tip of the Week

Coming home to a stinky garbage can after a long day is never a good thing. Opening the cupboard door to put something in the trash and having your friends and family flee the room from the smell of the decomposing garbage is embarrassing. 

Well folks, welcome to the world of science. You see all those odors have combined on a molecular level to create that horrible aroma, however buy following just a few steps you can launch your own attack on the foul smell, and strike back with some science of our own in 1,2,3 easy steps.

Step 1: Grab a paper plate and one slice of bread, so far so good. 

Step 2: Now get a quarter cup of vinegar (red wine vinegar works best) and pour it all over the bread. 

Step 3: Here comes the hard part. place the plate with the vinegar infused bread near the garbage. 

That's it, that's all! However if you would like to complicate things, you could put the plate under the garbage bag or in the garbage bag, but no really.....that's it.
One more thing I know someone is going to ask, so let me answer first. No the bread does not go moldy, and yes you can use the same piece of bread more than once. As long as the bread stays damp, no more malodorous offence. 


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