Contents Tip of the Week

After a long awaited search for a product that can replace or enhance traditional deodorization methods (while rendering some amazing cleaning potential) a solution has finally been found.
It has long been known that H2O2 or Hydrogen Peroxide is an effective cleaning agent with effective deodorization capabilities. But what was missing was a delivery system that would not over-saturate the environment causing discoloration of items or leave potentially harmful residues. 

Calgary Contents is currently utilizing the "Halo Fogger" as that solution. With a distribution rate of 3 to 5 micron, the distribution is not as a mist, but a dry fog. The environment is then filled with the fog which is extremely intrusive, penetrating into those places that traditional cleaning methods would prove ineffective. Such as drywall, into couches, mattresses, electronics and deep into carpets. 

You're asking yourself, how can H2O2 not be corrosive and not damage or discolor materials? The answer is in the chemical and distribution rate used. Containing 3 to 5% Hydrogen peroxide and 0.1% silver nitrate at 3 micron in gaseous form, it does not settle on contents it surrounds and penetrates. Also in this form when the gas comes into contact with a heat source, such as circuitry from an electronic devices or furnace, the gas rapidly turns into harmless water vapor and evaporates eminently.  
In an air quality test conducted on a SUV from the Fort McMurray wild fire, air quality read 1400ppm for Voc's pre-Halo, Post Halo the test read 0ppm. A question I am most asked is, why not use Hydroxyl or Ozone? Both methods can be very effective for odor removal given the right amount of time and situation. Hydroxyl radicals are limited by dry environments and require days of operation in a moisture rich area. Ozone is extremely dangerous and can cause catastrophic damage to contents and structure, both methods require a great deal of time to be effective. However the Halo system in a average 2500sqft home, the process can be completed in less than 6 hours and the home be ready for re-habitation. 
Is this the last system that our industry will require of deodorization with potential cleaning benefits? Who can say. But for today it's here, and in my opinion its the best option for normal to complicated situations. Settling for the status quo is not what our team at Calgary Contents was created for, its all about the next level.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.