A full photographic inventory checks all items for previous loss condition. For example, if it was a smoke claim, we would look for scratches or dents on items not related to the smoke. This protects us as well as the contractor and the client. The photographs will clearly indicate if we damaged their items after they had been moved, and protects the contractor from fraudulent claims. After we have completed our inventory, we have the option of sending a full pack-out list to the home owner and contractor on the same day. However, we choose to process (clean) the items first, as some items might not respond to the cleaning and have to be placed onto the “NR” non-returnable/non-restorable list.

When the list does arrive to the contractor and home owner there is a "cleaned" section as well as a "NR" section, so the home owner if fully aware of what they will be getting back. Also, they are fully aware of the items that will be disposed of in the list of the items they will not be getting back.

Photographs take out the guess work when dealing with contents as the items can be clearly viewed.

Contractors have a choice of 15 different excel spread sheets to best suite there needs for their final report, with or without pictures.

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